Dance Classes

Dance Syllabus Classes (I.S.T.D. or R.A.D)

Mondays          4:45-6:00pm      (Nicola Hoe)

Primary Ballet, Tap and Modern

Mondays          6-7:45pm      (Nicola Hoe)

Gd 2/3 Ballet, Tap, Modern

Tuesdays 4:45-6:30pm      (Nicola Hoe)

Grade 1 Ballet, Tap and Modern

Wednesdays  5-7pm      (Nicola Hoe)

Grade 4 Ballet, Tap and modern

Wednesdays  7-7:45pm      (Nicola Hoe)

Grade 5 Ballet

Wednesdays  4:15-5pm      (Sue Baird)

Inter Foundation Modern

Wednesdays  5-5:45pm      (Sue Baird)

Advanced 1 Tap

Wednesdays  5:45-6:30pm      (Sue Baird)

Advanced 2 Tap

Thursdays    5-5:45pm      (Kate Hammond)

Inter Tap

Thursdays    5:45-6:30pm(Kate Hammond)

Inter Modern

Thursdays    7:30-8:30pm      (Sharon Hancox)

Inter Foundation Ballet




Non Syllabus Dance Classes 

Mondays    5-6pm      (Natalie Berry)

Non Syllabus dance

Tuesdays   6:30-7:30pm      (Nicola Hoe/Kate Hammond)

Boys Dance                                               

Wednesdays 7-8pm      (Margaret Watson)

Beginners Ballet (13+ yrs)

Wednesdays  7-8:30pm      (Sue Baird)

GCSE Dance 1

Thursdays    6:30-7:30pm      (Kate Hammond)

Performance Dance

Thursdays    6:30-7:30pm      (Natalie Berry)

Junior Street Jazz

Thursdays   7:30-8:30pm      (Natalie Berry)

Senior Street Jazz

Fridays      5-6:30pm      (Bridget Galway)

GCSE Dance 2

Saturdays   1-2pm      (Margaret Watson)

Foundation Dance



Northern Theatre
Enrolment Days

1st and 2nd September


For details contact reception or call
0844 500 3533